The Valium - Official Website | The Valium - Official Website
The Valium is a five piece rock’n’roll band from Salerno, Italy. 60’s merseybeat chimes with a blasting garage punk attitude.
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The last rock’n’roll band on earth


Last pictures from heaven & hell


Press releases, reviews or things you need to know…

  • Welcome. You are about to receive our album for FREE. You will receive the file with 14 songs + 1 bonus track. Click here to Download Now

  • Benvenuto. Stai per ricevere gratis il nostro album. Riceverai un file con le 14 tracce del disco + 1 bonus Clicca qui per Scaricare


To promoters, booking agents, events organizers..All you need to know to book The Valium in your town..